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Gaining a global exposure, Manaram Group is the leading FMCG manufacturers and food exporters of Nepal. Our area of service comprises both Pet Food & Supplies and manufacturing of consumer products in Nepal. We offer high-quality Agriculture and Dairy products including Cheese, Butter, human Chew (Hard Cheese Candy),Naune(unsalted butter), jerky (sukuti), dog chew etc.

Manaram Group started out modest, exporting dog chews (Churpi) and handicrafts to the United States. Today, we are a proud family of over 250 diverse employees employed in 8 different companies based in Nepal. We make a significant contribution to the export of agriculture-based products from Nepal.

We firmly believe in creating innovative, high-quality products using simple, local ingredients and ethical business practices.

 We focus on promoting Nepalese goods and services on a global scale with the highest ethical standards and quality in order to reduce Nepal’s trade deficit.

In 2003

In 2022


Two decades ago, Ram Bahadur Shrestha, popularly known as Ram Dai, embarked on a mission to promote social welfare by creating employment opportunities. Ram Dai’s two sons, Sujan Kumar Shrestha and Suman Kumar Shrestha came on board and formed a company “Manaram”. Where “Mana” stands for “heart” and “Ram” stands for “God” together they justify the core values of the company with “God in Heart”.

 That is how Manaram Himalayan Handicraft (MHHC), one of Nepal’s leading agriculture-based export company, was founded in 2003 AD.

 Since the establishment, there has been no turning back for the three trio. Today, guided by company core values and competent team members, we have exponentially grown to establish ourselves in the following areas:

  • Agro Products – Laboratory
  • Pet Products – Philanthropy
  • FMCG – Construction Materials
  • Dairy
  • Food and service industry
  • Entertainment
  • Real State
  • Laboratory
  • Philanthropy
  • Construction Material


Inspire towards “Better Together


  • Create innovative product and services by using local ingredients.
  • Empower local communities through self-fulfillment.
  • Promote Nepalese Products in global market space.
  • Create Job opportunities within Nepal.
  • Reduce trade deficit of Nepal.

Timeline Journey

Establishment Of Manaram Himalayan Handicraft
Establishment Of Manaram Farm
Establishment Of Seto Tyami
Establishment Of Manaram Group
Received CIP Award
Establishment Of Manamake
Establishment Of Momoway


Manaram Himalayan handicraft got awarded by Nepal Government as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) for the outstanding contribution for the national economy as being the highest exporter of agriculture-based product on 11 Feb 2020.

Manaram Himalayan Handicraft got awarded by ECON (Export Council of Nepal ) for holding the 1st position in exporting the goods among the ECON members in the fiscal year 2074-74 A.D

Manaram Himalayan Handicraft got awarded by ECON (Export Council of Nepal ) for being the largest exporter of goods in the fiscal year 2076-77 A.D and 2077-2078 A.D.