About Us

About Us

Gaining a global exposure, Manaram Group is the leading FMCG manufacturers and food exporters of Nepal. Our area of service comprises both Pet Food & Supplies and manufacturing of consumer products in Nepal. We offer high-quality Agriculture and Dairy products including Cheese, Butter, human Chew (Hard Cheese Candy),Naune(unsalted butter), jerky (sukuti), dog chew etc.

Manaram Group believes in the art of “BETTER TOGETHER”. A leading FMCG manufacturer and food exporter of Nepal, Manaram Group extends its services to different horizons of agriculture and dairy products including butter, cheese, human chew (hard cheese candy), jerky (sukuti), Naune (unsalted butter), dog chew, etc. 

Emphasizing the quality of products and authenticity of ingredients, we prioritize transparency, ethical behavior, and sustainability. By respecting the value of our consumers and stakeholders, we have been vouching for global proficiency since 2003. We have been discovering and innovating new products that don’t just have a global edge, we also aim to preserve the environment while meeting and exceeding the market demands. 

Manaram Group takes pride in being associated with the Manaram foundation, which works for the upliftment and education of children by supporting 200 libraries across the country.

In 2003

In 2022


Manaram Group began with a simple vision: To create as much employment as we can. Nineteen years have passed, and this simple dream has turned into one of the conglomerates company in the country. Established in 2003, Manaram Himalayan Handicraft is one of the leading Nepal’s agriculture based export company. Ram Bahadur Shrestha, also popularly known as Ram dai the founder of MHHC, is mainly known for his work towards the welfareness of the society. He along with his son Suman Kumar Shrestha came up with a name of “MANARAM “ where the “Mana” stands for heart and ‘Ram’ stands for god and hence, the company values and operates with god in heart. Every trail taken has been for the progress of the country. The group has explored into a number of industries while maintaining this single vision. It continues to do so, learning from the past and moving towards the future.

Timeline Journey

Establishment Of Manaram Himalayan Handicraft
Establishment Of Manaram Farm
Establishment Of Seto Tyami
Establishment Of Manaram Group
Received CIP Award
Establishment Of Manamake
Establishment Of Momoway


Manaram Himalayan handicraft got awarded by Nepal Government as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) for the outstanding contribution for the national economy as being the highest exporter of agriculture-based product on 11 Feb 2020.

Manaram Himalayan Handicraft got awarded by ECON (Export Council of Nepal ) for holding the 1st position in exporting the goods among the ECON members in the fiscal year 2074-74 A.D

Manaram Himalayan Handicraft got awarded by ECON (Export Council of Nepal ) for being the largest exporter of goods in the fiscal year 2076-77 A.D and 2077-2078 A.D.