Manaram Himalayan Handicraft Pvt. Ltd. (MHH) was established in 2003 AD. Initially focused on exporting, and spreading the traditional Nepalese taste to the world, it now focuses on exporting chews and pet food products. MHH exports Himalayan Dog Chew along with other items like Loom and Felty toys. MHH is a pioneer in the Nepalese pet food industry and has been a market leader for more than a decade


Manaram Farms was established in 2014 with an objective of utilizing, emphasizing, and promoting the local resources into the quality products. Manaram Farms preserves the natural resources and meets the fundamental needs of eco system. The Manaram Farm product lines include Ghee, Churpi, butter and other dairy products.


Seto Tyami- Dudha Udhyog was established in 2016 and is one of the leading distributors of dairy products in Nepal. Working on the local level and behalf of farmers, Seto Tyami directly collects milk from the local farmers, processes it and distributes its products all over the country. Seto Tyami is active in producing quality dairy products including Churpi, Butter and Ghee to the local markets all over Nepal.


Established in 2020 Manamake Production’s vision is to build quality entertainment with a full dose of fun that would move Nepalese people to appreciate the country’s entertainment industry. The company vest upon pairing people of arts from all walks of life to enhance their experience and passion. The company is ready to take the Nepal Film Industry to the next level by connecting Nepali Audiences through the storytellers’ camera lens.