Women Empowerment
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Manaram Group has been actively collaborating with the Manaram Foundation since its establishment. Knowing the importance of education and health toward a sustainable society. we firmly believe that access to education and health is a fundamental right that every child deserves. The foundation aims to create an environment that will enable kids to learn and develop to their full potential. Children get high-quality instruction, books, and other educational materials from the foundation. Additionally, it implements a variety of events and programs to support education and growth.


Since the last two decades, Manaram has opened its doors and created opportunities for women who were confined to their home jobs. We have been successful in creating an environment that is inclusive and gives an equal platform to women. Currently, Manaram Group’s total workforce has 80% women employees, and few of them have been with the company since its inception.

Understanding and realizing women’s potential most of the organization’s leadership position is filled by women. As we believe “If one woman is Empowered, she will empower her children, family, and the entire community”.


The Manaram Group passionately educates underprivileged children, empowering futures through knowledge. Dedicated to breaking barriers, they ensure access to quality education for the less fortunate. Beyond academics, their commitment extends to nurturing their health, fostering holistic development. By providing essential healthcare, they pave the way for these children to thrive academically and physically. Through their tireless efforts, Manaram Group is a beacon of hope, illuminating pathways to a brighter, healthier tomorrow for these deserving young minds. Manaram foundation has been performing different health camps for social well being.